Mechanical Services

Dynamic Mechanical is pleased to offer a complete range of quality HVAC, hot water and sheet metal services for residential and commercial customers across the lower mainland. There is no task that is too big or small for us to handle, so be sure to contact us the next time you need help with the following systems:

Air Conditioning

Keeping cool in BC's hot and humid summer months is easy as long as you have a reliable working air conditioner running at home or at work. To ensure proper operation of your air conditioning or heat pump, you should consider regular maintenance from Dynamic Mechanical. Many costly repairs can be avoided, or at least anticipated through properly maintaining a system. The lifespan of a system can be assessed, and plans for replacement with nearly zero down time can be made, avoiding the inconvenience and unexpected expense of emergency repairs. With our helpful expert advice and excellent selection of quality A/C units of all types, you can rest assured that your new A/C unit will keep you cool for years to come. In the event of a breakdown, our A/C experts will arrive quickly to fix the problem with as little inconvenience to you as possible. We are trained in the installation and service of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems from numerous manufacturers. No matter what your air conditioning needs happen to be, count on Dynamic Mechanical to provide you with a quality, affordable solution!

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With the majority of home and business owners using furnaces to keep their properties warm, it can be difficult to find a reliable boiler service. Fortunately the experts at Dynamic Mechanical are fully prepared to handle any and all of your boiler maintenance, repair or installation needs. Whether you have a small boiler keeping your home comfortable and warm, or a large one maintaining the heat at your industrial property, our team is ready to provide top quality service at competitive prices. We also offer emergency repair services for all types of boilers, so don't hesitate to contact us even if you discover an issue outside of regular business hours. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing boiler, or keep your old one running efficiently for as long as possible, having a reliable boiler service can save you a lot of stress in the future. The next time you have a problem with your residential, commercial or industrial grade boiler, call in the experts at Dynamic Mechanical.

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Your furnace is one of the most expensive and important appliances you own, which is why it is important to have a service you can rely upon when it comes to any type of issue, no matter how big or small. No one likes to have to wait around for furnace repairs, especially if there is a breakdown in the middle of winter when you need your furnace the most. With proactive maintenance, and reliable repair solutions from Dynamic Mechanical however, you can rest assured that no matter what issue comes along, your furnace is in good hands. And when the time finally comes that you need a replacement furnace for your home or commercial property, you can count on our HVAC experts to help you select the ideal furnace for your heating as well as your budget requirements. Our technicians are regularly updated with the latest innovations in furnace technology, so you can always expect to get the most current and relevant information when it comes to selecting the most reliable and efficient furnace for residential, commercial and even industrial heating standards. No matter what you require when it comes to your furnace, you can count on the team at Dynamic Mechanical to take care of the issue, even after hours!

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In any business requiring it, Refrigeration systems are often the most expensive to operate and maintain. Efficiency, longevity, and reliability are critical to a business owner or corporation. Dynamic Mechanical is fully qualified and experienced in a wide range of refrigeration systems, including under counter coolers and walk ins in restaurants, food stores, refrigerated storage facilities, and industrial chillers. Regular maintenance of these systems is critical to their reliable operation. Dynamic Mechanical can provide diligent maintenance on any refrigeration system, ensuring your system reliability to avoid loss of product. If your system does break down, we can quickly respond and make any required repairs, getting you back in business with minimal down time. We are available for emergency calls, always mindful of the importance of such systems to any business.

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Sheet Metal

Proper distribution of heated or cooled air is essential to proper system operation. The design of duct systems is often overlooked, but can have a major effect on the efficiency and lifespan of heating or cooling equipment. From brand new, full installation, to retrofitting existing ductwork for installation ofnew heating or cooling Dynamic Mechanical has the qualifications, experience and expertise required to design, install ducted air distribution systems. We can also assess air distribution as a potential factor in existing, problematic systems, Our team of sheet metal experts can quickly identify any existing or possible issues in your air ducts, and we will provide you with lasting solutions to any problem. Our team of sheet metal experts can quickly identify any existing or possible issues in your air ducts, and we will quickly provide you with lasting solutions to any problem. Whether you require a simple repair or you need to redesign your existing air ducts at home or on your commercial/industrial site, we can provide a top quality sheet metal installation that is guaranteed to last, and keep your heating and cooling systems running as efficiently as possible throughout the entire year.

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Hot Water

A cold shower is never something you should have to get used to. That is why the team of hot water experts at Dynamic Mechanical are always available to provide you with fast and reliable repairs to your water heater. From traditional hot water tanks, to new electric or gas powered tankless water heaters, we are well versed in the latest and best repair and maintenance methods that will keep your hot water running throughout your home or commercial property. We can also provide helpful advice when it comes to keeping up simple maintenance of your hot water tank, so you can avoid losing any efficiency from your unit which can cost you on your monthly energy bills. When the time comes for a replacement water heater, we can offer additional advice on which unit would be ideal for your hot water needs and for your budget. With Dynamic Mechanical's help, you will never have to worry about running out of hot water again!


Dynamic Mechanical is qualified and experienced in Ventilation systems for any home, commercial, or industrial application. We have qualified personnel for the installation, maintenance, and repair of exhaust and make up air systems, including the control wiring and interlocked systems. With Class A certified gas fitters on staff, we can service and maintain direct fired Make Up Air equipment to keep your business running.

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For more information about the quality HVAC, sheet metal and hot water services available for residential and commercial customers in Surrey and throughout the lower mainland, be sure to contact Dynamic Mechanical today.